General information about the film:

Original title of the film: Thomas
Country of Origin: Finland
Year of production: 2007
Date of completion of production: March 2008
Language of the film: Finnish
Subtitled in: English (Spanish and French subtitled print also available)
Genre: Fiction
Rating: S (Finland)

Technical information:
Running time: 73min
Length in meters: 1920
Number of reels: 4
Original format: S-16mm film
Screening format: 35mm film / Colour
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Frames per second:24
Sound: Dolby Digital
Preview format: DVD

Date and place of the first public screening in Finland:
Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä 11.6.2008

Date and place of international premiere:
San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain 20.9.2008